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Tchaikovsky´s “Arabic Dance” – Articulate or roll?

Tchaikovsky´s “Arabic Dance” – Articulate or roll? Last December 27 my article on the tambourine part of Tchaikovsky´s “Arabic Dance” (from “The Nutcracker”) was published on the Grover Pro website. You can read it clicking on the banner below: Thank you very much to Svetlana Manakova for helping me to translate the Russian indications. …et… Continue reading Tchaikovsky´s “Arabic Dance” – Articulate or roll?

“Lieutenant Kije” and a peculiar tambourine technique

Lieutenant Kijé and a peculiar tambourine technique. On January 2, a new article of mine was published on the Grover Pro Percussion website. © Grover Pro Percussion Dealing with the very specific tambourine technique requested by Prokofiev in “Troika”, you can read it HERE. Tambourine part in “Troika”.     …et in Arcadia ego. ©… Continue reading “Lieutenant Kije” and a peculiar tambourine technique

Xylophone in Richard Strauss´ “Salome”

Strohinstrument. © Lefima

Xylophone in Richard Strauss´ “Salome”. We, percussionists, very often play on instruments that, in reality, are not those that the composer indicated. We have the keyboard xylophone in “Bluebeard“ (B. Bartok), a part impossible to play on a regular xylophone; the glockenspiel parts in many works (“Magic Flute”, Mahler #7, «Daphnis et Chloe», etc.), which… Continue reading Xylophone in Richard Strauss´ “Salome”

“Tavolette” in “Feste Romane”

Matraca. Fuente desconocida.

“Tavolette” in “Feste Romane”. At the end of the last season I was lucky enough to play “Feste Romane” (“Roman Festivals”) which, together with “Fountains” and “Pines”, form Ottorino Respighi´s “Roman Triptych”. It is a work featuring an exuberant, imaginative and brilliant orchestration. It requires a “percusive force” of one timpanist plus nine percussionists and, in… Continue reading “Tavolette” in “Feste Romane”

Editing timpani parts (II)

© David Valdés

Editing timpani parts (II). Continuing with the issue that we previously discussed, I´d like to show you my version of the “Sanctus” from Verdi´s “Requiem”.   The use of full range speakers or headphones is highly recommended.   You can legally and freely download the score and the parts here: IMSLP. © David Valdés This… Continue reading Editing timpani parts (II)