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Herd bells in “Tosca”.

Herd bells in “Tosca”. I have been to Rome lately, where I have spent some wonderfull days together with my family. Among many other places of general and musical interest, I have been to the Castel Sant´Angelo. The third act of “Tosca” takes place at this impresive building. More precisely at the upper platform. LA… Continue reading Herd bells in “Tosca”.

“Lieutenant Kije” and a peculiar tambourine technique

Lieutenant Kijé and a peculiar tambourine technique. On January 2, a new article of mine was published on the Grover Pro Percussion website. © Grover Pro Percussion Dealing with the very specific tambourine technique requested by Prokofiev in “Troika”, you can read it HERE. Pandereta en “Troika”. …et in Arcadia ego. © David Valdés

Editing timpani parts (and III)

© David Valdés

Editing timpani parts (and III). In this last article on the series I have wanted to use examples from Verdi himself to prove my points when editing the timpani part of his “Requiem“. It is not my intention when quoting the composer to fall into an “ad verecundiam” fallacy; by showing examples of his writing… Continue reading Editing timpani parts (and III)

Editing timpani parts (I)

© David Valdés

Editing timpani parts (I). He who has ever played repertoire by Mendelssohn, Schubert, Dvorak, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Weber, Gounod, opera (mainly Italian and French works) and, as a particular case, Spanish zarzuela, is very likely to have found on many occasions notes that do not “match” with the harmonic/melodic context and, depending on his audacity or… Continue reading Editing timpani parts (I)


© David Valdés

Welcome! Hi everybody.   Today I´m starting a new adventure in the blogosphere.   Percusize Me! is my blog, and its title is a play on words related to Morgan Spurlock´s film “Super Size Me”. Its meaning could be something as “percussionize me” (I know that expression doesn´t exist!). Also, and following the storyline in… Continue reading Welcome!