David Valdés

– A pair of 10″ old cymbals (perfect fot the “cymballi antichi” part in Carmina Burana”) and a pair of Tibetan cymbals have been added to my collection. All of them are available for rent.


– Several of my instruments have been rented by the Fundación Valdés-Salas for the premiere of Guillermo Martínez´s work commissioned for the 1000th anniversary of the monastery in Cornellana.


– On April 4 I have added a new article to my blog describing how I converted a tomtom into a snare drum.


– I have added several instruments to my collection: a Polinesian pu´ili, two small strings of sleigh bells, a pair of rosewood claves, a set of five bronze hand bells, two wind chimes of different sizes, a large kokiriko/binzasara, two Indian tablas, a matraca, two huéhuetl (perfect for Chavez´s “Sinfonía India”), two soprano timpani (for Ravel´s “L´enfant et les Sortileges”, Rimsky-Korsakov´s “Mlada”, Milhaud´s “La Creation du Monde”) and a LP Raw Trash Snare. They are available for rental.


– On March 15 I published a second part of the article dealing with the “xilofono basso” in Turandot”.


– My set of sticks for “Histoire du Soldat” has been sold to percussionist in Spain, Germany, U.S.A. and Chile.


– On February 28 I updated my blog with an article on the “xilofono basso” in “Turandot”.


– On December 28 I updated my blog with an article dealing with the tambourine part in the “Arabian Dance” (“The Nutcracker”), by Tchaikovsky. This article was also published on the  GROVER  PRO website as part of my collaboration  and endorsement of the brand.


– The Oviedo Filarmonía will be using my low C tuned gong on the premiere of Martinez´s “Cloches”. It will also be used on the recording of this work between January 30 and Febraury2, 2024.


– The Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias will be using two of my tuned gongs between November 13th and 17th for Unsuk Chin´s “Subito con forza”.


– Between october 9 and 13 I used my own strohfiedel on Bartok´s “Miraculous Mandarin with Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias.


– On November 2, I added an article to my blog. I describe how I restored a tenor drum.


– On October 4, I added an article to my blog. It deals with title of Stravinsky´s “Soldier´s Tale”; is it “Histoire du Soldat” or “L´Histoire du Soldat”?


– On October 2, I modified the design and improved the navigation of this website.


– On August 9, I added an article to my blog. I show a cowbell that was used on the premiere of “Tosca”.


– A tugboat horn (perfect for Puccini´s “Il tabarro”), several vintage taxi horns, a MesoAmerican water drum and a Saucedo Mark tree have been added to my collection. They are all available for rental.


– Since late june I own a vintage LEFIMA strawfiddle. Available for playing the works of Saint-Saens, Humperdinck, Strauss, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Bartok, etc.


– On June 15 I changed the look of the website, improved navigation and added “Books” and “Mallets and sticks” sections to the “Store” menu.


– On June 5, I added an article to my blog. I describe how I made some snare gates on my Renaissance drum.


– The Orquesta Ciudad de Granada will use my Turkish crescent in the performances of “The Abduction from the Seraglio” (May 25 and 27).


– On May 2 an “Audio” section was added to the “About Me” menu.


– Quadrumphonic Studios will use my remote DW on their new production.


– The Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias will use two of my historical drums in works by Teleman and Purcell (April 20 and 21).


– The Oviedo Filarmonía will use my glass and shell chimes in Saariaho´s “Ciel d´Hiver” (April 15).


– The Orquesta Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias will use two of my historical drums  in Rameau´s  “Les Indes Galantes” (April 11, 12, 13 and 14).


– During the last week of January I restaured and repaired three snare drums for the Banda de Música Ciudad de Oviedo. Their 14″x8″ Ludwig Coliseum, 14″x6″ Grover Pro GSX and 13″x4″ Premier are now like new and in full working order.


– On January 18 took place in FITUR the presentation of the short movie “Arriondas, Paraíso Musical”, whose soundtrack I recorded (Orquesta Clásica de Arriondas conducted by Sergio Vázquez, music by Guillermo Martínez).


– On January 9, I adedd an article to my blog. It explains te tambourine technique requested by Prokofiev in “Troika”, from “Lieutenant Kije”.


– The following instruments have been added to my collection. A goat hooves rattle, a cha cha shells rattle, two small bronze bells rattle, a 10″ Custom Triple Row (Bronze/German Silver) Harlan tambourine, an antiaircraft crank siren, a LP245 güicharo (perfect for “Ox on the Roof”), a pair of 19″ Masterwork Custom Series Symphonic Light cymbals, 16″, 17″, 18″ and 19″ Masterwork Custom Series Medium Thin suspended cymbals, a 18″ Malinese water gourd (perfect for “Sinfonía India”), a 14″ Salentinese tambourine, a kokiriko, a Kenian wooden double rattle, several Grover accesories (PW-TA-MA, DTM, SBC, PW-AMP, TMC, MIM-D y PW-SCA) and three LP shakers (Duoshake Loud -LP441L-, Duoshake Medium -LP441M- and Duoshake Soft -LP441S-). They are available for rental.

David Valdés is a Grover Pro Artist