David Valdés

Converting a tom into a snare drum.

This project starts with a phone call by my colleague Adrián, owner of a 10″x7″ Tama Silverstar tom that he wanted to convert into a snare drum.

tom tama
The original tom.

I disassembled all the parts so I could make the snare beds, a necessary structure so the snares lay correctly on the ressonant head. I messured many times to make sure I was not making mistakes and marked the points on the shell.

marca de snare beds
The marks before cutting.

I used a dremmel and then sanded the edges until they were perfectly smooth. Here you can see the original state and the beds already cut.

casco sin trabajar
Original state.
snare beds
Snare beds done.

I made a couple of diametrically opposed snare gates in the bottom counter hoop so the snares can pass through it. As you can see, I also added a butt plate; luckily, it was the same brand as the tom.

snare gate
Butt plate and snare gate.

I also added a a snare strainer.

snare strainer

The drum now features a new Remo Ambassador snare clear, batter head, straps by Gibraltar and a 20-strand snare.

resonant head

Thge new batter head is a Remo Ambassador coated.

Ambassador coated

A couple of photos.

snare drum back
snare drum front

The owner is very happy with the conversion and he is already using it as a secondary snare drum on his kit.

snare drum
Adrián is happy with his new snare drum!!

Well, the kind of weird stuff that I like making for my friends. Je suis luthier!!!



…et in Arcadia ego.

© David Valdés