• Freelance percussionist
David plays regulary with orchestras, early music ensembles and chamber groups in Spain and Europe.


• Session musician
He also works as a session musician in recording studios.


• Online recording
Owner of a state-of-the-art studio (equipped with first class instruments, microphones, preams, converters...), David can record on line for any kind of production. He has worked for musicians in Spain, Argentina and the United States.

• Producer
Thanks to the experience acquired in his own studio, David works as a drums/percussion producer. Instrument selection, drumheads, tunning, mic selection and set-up, mic preamps, microphone techniques, edition, arranging...


• Drum doctor
David can repair your drums, tune them, make instruments, repair and make sticks and mallets, optimize your gear for recordings...


• Percussion rental
His instruments have been used by auditoriums, orchestras, opera houses, studios, producers, soloists, bands, foundations...