Historical percussion
"Windsor of Birmingham" baroque timpani (28", 24" and 22.5")
Traditional rope bass drum (80x35cm)
Provenzal drum/tabor/long drum by Víctor Barral (12"x27.5")
Historical military rope drum by Valdés (16"x16")
Historical military rope drum by Valdés (14"x14")
Renaissance long drum by Valdés (16"x29")
Vasque traditional tamboril (10"x10")
Turkish/janissary davul (22"x12")
Medieval nakers (12"x7")
Artisan baroque triangle (8")
Artisan baroque triangle (6.5", vintage)
Traditional Asturian tambourine by VyC (10,5")
Traditional Llaniscan tambourine with jingle bells by VyC (14")
Riq by Víctor Barral (10"x2.5")
REMO Fiberskin 8500 tar (14" and 22")
Turkish crescen/"Jingle Johnny"
Turkish cevgen (x2)