David Valdés

"Histoire du Soldat" set.

A full set of historical reproductions based on he models requested by Stravinsy in the 1918 sketches and manuscript (Dep RS 75). Fabrication on demand.




VALDÉS-ST1: Mailloche.

VALDÉS-ST1K: double-ended Mailloche (additional kapok head).

VALDÉS-ST2: Baguette en jonc à tête en capoc.

VALDÉS-ST3: Baguettes minces à petites têtes en éponge.

VALDÉS-ST4: Baguettes en baleine à tête en feutre dur.

VALDÉS-ST5: Baguettes de timbales à tête en feutre dur.

VALDÉS-ST6: Baguettes en bois (double-ended regular drumsticks with kapok and mailloche butts).

Baguettes de timbales en feutre dur Valdés ST5

"Baguettes de Timbales" set.

A full set of historical reproductions for playing on suspended cymbals and on bass drum.




VALDÉS-BTH: Feutre dur (hard pressed felt).

VALDÉS-BTM: Feutre médium (medium hard pressed felt).

VALDÉS-BTS: Feutre doux (soft pressed felt)

Baguette en baleine a tete en feutre dur Valddés ST4

"Baguettes d´Eponge".

Historical reproduction of sponge-headed timpani sticks. Perfect for Berlioz and the 19th-century repertoire.



David Valdés es un Grover Pro Artist