Drum kits

Premier Genista (90s)
"Turquoise" finish
Sizes: 22"x16", 10"x9", 12"x10" and 14"x12"
RIMS suspension system

Premier Genista (90s)
"Red Sparkle" finish
Sizes: 24"x18", 13"x11" and 16"x16"

Premier "Model 58" (60s)
"Mahogany Duroplastic" finish
Sizes: 22", 12" and 16"
Natural goat heads

REMO Master Touch "Bebop Set" (80s)
"Amagi Burl" finish
Sizes: 18"x14", 10"x8", 12"x8" and 14"x14".

Suitcase drumkit (custom portable kit)
Sizes: suitcase bass drum, 8"x3" and 12"x3" toms.

2Box DrumIt Five MkII.
Coupled with Mixosaurus samples.