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We have worked with the Gijón Symphony Orchestra, Asturias Classical Orchestra, Capella della Pietà de´Turchini, Forma Antiqva, Parténope Producciones, Sinfonietta Concertante, Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre, Agencia Camera, International Opera Studio, Teatro Jovellanos, Orquesta Filarmónica de España, Orquesta Universitaria de Oviedo, Asturcón Studios and Danny Daniel.

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Ludwig Professionals
Sizes: 32", 32", 29" and 26"
"Windsor of Birmingham"
Sizes: 28" and 24"
"Super Kalfo" natural heads
Majestic Prophonic Series MCB3622
Sizes: 36"x22"
"Super Kalfo" natural heads
"Alla turca" attachment

Promusin PCTT-2214BU
Chamber bass drum
Sizes: 22"x14"
Musser M48S
Musser M645
(60´s vintage)
Colovini 3.5
Deagan Flush Top
Extended two octaves registre
(G3 to G5 -scientific index-)
20´s vintage
Pearl Symphonic Series SYP-1455
Pearl  M1330
Ludwig Supraphonic LM402
Ludwig Acrolite LM404C
(14"x5", vintage)
Ludwig Black Beauty LB416T
Premier "Project One" 2009
Premier Genista 2045
Premier 2000 Series
(14"x5.5", vintage)
Premier Royal Ace
(14"x4", vintage)

Provencal drum/tabor (12" x 27.5")
Hand made by Víctor Barral
based on traditional French models

Rope drum (16" x 16")
Hand made by David Valdés
based on XVIII century models

Rope drum (14" x 14")
Hand made by David Valdés
based on XVIII century models

Basque drum, "tamboril" (10" x 10")

Davul (22" x 12")
Traditional Turkish/Janissary model
Premier Traditional Series 1049
military drum
(14" x 12")

Pearl Championship FFX
marching drum
(14" x 10")

Tenor drum.
Handmade by David Valdés
(16" x 16")

LP Granite Blocks (LP1210)
Promusin Templeblocks (PTB-02)
Promusin Woodblocks (PWB-01S)
Pearl Tone Block (PAB-20)
Schlagwerk Log Drum (45041)
Kalimba Hokema Sansula Basic
Opera gongs (10") x10
Lion´s roar
Rain stick
Aeolian chimes
Police whistle
Train whistle


Grover Superovertone TR-6 (6")
Grover Superovertone TR-9 (9")
Abel Symphonic ABL-6TRI (6")
Artisan baroque triangle (8")


Tárrega TRGBG (size 7)
Jale 85 (size 8)
Jale 85 (size 5)
Jale 107 (size 5)

Grover T2/GSPh (10")
Grover T2/GS-8 (8")
Cannon UPTAMB10D16H (10") x2
Cannon UPTAMB8D12H (8") x2
Cannon UPTAMB6S04H (6")
Cannon UPTAMB4S04H (4")
Samba 4830 SM (12")

Premier Genista (90´s).
"Turquoise" finish.
Measurements: 22"x16", 10"x9",
12"x10" and 14"x12".
14"x5,5" snare drum.
RIMS suspension system.

Premier Genista (90´s).
"Red Sparkle" finish.
Measurements: 24"x18", 13"x11"
and 16"x16".

Premier "Model 58" (60´s vintage).
"Mahogany duroplastic" finish
("Root Beer Swirl").
Measurements: 22", 12" and 16".
Royal Ace 14"x4" snare drum.
Natural goat heads.
Original "flush base" hardware.

Zildjian Orchestral Selection
(Medium-Light, 20")
Avedis Zildjian (17", vintage)
Sabian AA Orchestral Viennese (16")

Avedis Zildjian (24", vintage)
Zyn (22", vintage)
Bosphorus Gold Up (20")
Zildjian K Constantinople
(20", medium thin)
Zyn (20" sizzle, vintage)
Zyn (19", vintage)
Paiste 2002 black label flat ride
(16", vintage)

Bosphorus Traditional Series (8")
Zyn 2 stars (8", vintage)
Bell cymbal (8", vintage)
Meinl Generation X DrumBal (8")
Gara HP-1 series (6")

Zildjian K Custom (18")
Istanbul Mehmet Traditional Series
(medium thin, 18")
Super Zyn 5 Stars (18", vintage)
Unknown Ozone (18")
Zultan Aja (18")
Zultan Aja Aero (17")
Istanbul Mehmet Samatya Series (16")
Gara HP-1 Series (16")
Istanbul Mehmet Sultan Series (15")

Zildjian Avedis (15", vintage)
Bosphorus Traditional Series (regular, 14")
Super Zyn 5 Stars (14", vintage)
Zyn 2* (13", vintage)
Zyn custom Ozone (14", vintage)
Zyn (12", vintage)
Zyn 2* (10",vintage)

Wu Han
(10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20" and 22")

Meinl Headliner congas (HC555NT)
LP Generation II bongos (LP201AX-2)
LP mini bongos (LPM199-AW)
LP Matador timbales (M257)
Meinl 20"x24" surdo (SU20)
Meinl 18"x22" surdo (SU18)
LP Rock shaker (LP462B)
LP "One Shot" (LP442A)
LP "One Shot" Large (LP442B)
Maxtone egg shaker
LP Cyclops tambourine (LP174)

LP Cabaça (LP234A)
Stagg mini Cabaça (CAB-S)
LP Super Güiro (LP243)
LP "Black Beauty" cowbell (LP204A)
Meinl wind chimes(CH27ST)
Asian Sound bell tree (BT-L)
Toca sleigh bells (T-2531)
LP Rawhide maracas (LP395)
LP Professional marcas (LP291)
Qbano maracas

Riq (Víctor Barral, 10"x2.5")
REMO Fiberskin 8500 tar
(14" and 22")
Daikos (12" x 5" and 14" x 5")
"Alexandria" darbuka (10"x16")
Moroccan tablas
Djembé (14")

Dharma Tibetan crotales
Saroyan Arabesque Brass crotales
Saroyan Arabesque Silver crotales
Saroyan Afgani Silver crotales
Monkey drum
Liquor bottle

24" Wu Han wind gong
13" Wu Han tiger gong
11,75" Wu Han circus gong
11,75" Wu Han opera Gong
11,25" Wu Han opera gong
8,5" Wu Han opera gong

Remo ER-0680-06
(6", 8" and 10")

Concert tom-toms
8"x7", 10"x9", 12"x10",
13"x11", 14"x12" and 16"x14"

Toy drum
REMO Master Touch
"Bebop Set" (80´s vintage).
"Amagi Burl" finish.
Measurements: 18"x14", 10"x8",
12"x8" and 14"x14".

Suitcase drumkit
(portable custom kit).
Measurements: suitcase bass drum,
8"x3" and 12"x3" toms.
10"x5" snare drum

2Box DrumIt Five MkII.
Native sounds and Mixosaurus samples.


Premier Royal Ace
(14"x5.5", vintage)
Premier Soundwave 4440 custom
(14"x10", vintage)
(13"x4.75", vintage)
Gretsch Legend Free Floater Maple
GS5512FMP (12"x5.5")
Ddrum Diatribe Series S3SD510SR
Flats Arbiter Lite (12"x2.5")
Sonor Force Jungle SEF 11 1002 SDJ
JZ Drums Bronze Custom
Grunge Monster Custom

Thunder/spring drums (x3)
Forge anvils (x2)
Spinbal (x2)
Clock chimes
Orff metalophone
Super Fish Studio "Tuna" waterphone
Thunder sheet
Tsimbaly/cimbalon/hammered dulcimer
Alpine cowbells (26)
Mahler box/Mahler hammer